Generator Hire Cheshire have high output, super silent, trailer mounted, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 100kVA diesel generators for all sizes of events. These provide smooth and stable electricity supplies to power, for instance:

Hot water geysers
Catering equipment
Drinks coolers
Portable Toilets
Lighting equipment

Large Generator SDMO_R66
Large 60 kVA Generator available from Generator Hire Cheshire
20/30/40 kVA 
Fuel / Usage charge calculated at 5-7 litres per hour

60 kVA 
Fuel / Usage charge calculated at 10 litres per hour
100 kVA 
Fuel / Usage charge calculated at 20 litres per hour
Delivery is charged per mile from SK11 to your postcode.

The generator will be delivered with a full tank of diesel fuel. Please ask for a quote should you require re-fuelling options.

The hire fee and delivery charge is paid 24-hours prior to your event.
Fuel / usage charges are paid at the end of your event. These are based upon the price at the pump at the time of your hire.

Caring for the environment:
In accordance with emissions guidelines, the majority of our generators run predominantly on HVO (hydro-treated sustainable vegetable oil) this reduces CO2 emissions by around 90% and is scientifically proven to be a greener and cleaner way to power portable generators.
It is no longer permitted to use red (subsidised) diesel in generators, and they must therefore be re-filled with white diesel only.
High output generators
These high output ‘super silent’ generators are quiet and unobtrusive and are ideal for any type of outdoor event.
They use Kubota diesel engines, coupled to high quality alternators for the reliability that your event requires.

Our engineer will be on call until 6pm on the day of your event – please ask for a quotation if you would like an engineer to remain on call until midnight.