Small Generators

Small Outdoor events

Kipor 6.5kVA diesel generators are the perfect solution for smaller events. They are quiet, unobtrusive and also very economical.
These generators have electric start as standard, and they are very efficient 
(approximately 4 litres of diesel per hour).  They provide up to 6000W of clean safe power, and are therefore ideal for powering computers, sound equipment, projection systems etc. without risk of damage.

KIPOR 6.5kVA diesel generators
KIPOR 6.5kVA diesel generators – 240V output. Maximum 20A constant supply.

These Kipor 6.5kVA generators satisfy all outdoor event safety requirements imposed by local councils, Health & Safety inspectors etc.
Hire charges are £150 per day / £450 per week + fuel.
Please note that these generators are collection only. They weigh around 150kg and need ramps, vans and muscles to move about !

Our generator hires are all planned and installed using the guidelines and procedures set by ‘BS7909 Electrical Safety at Events’.